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This site is changing!  While I love the resources, there is so much more that I now desire this site to contain. 


Field Trips (Traveling with Kids)

Homeschooling is a hands on endevor, an adventure of learning that we go on with our children.  It is a never ending process. It is a process of lighting a fire for learning within our children.  It's about going along this journey with our children.  Homeschooling isn't just a way to educate, it's a way of life.

 We, as parents, have chosen to homeschool with the desire of protecting our children, encouraging our children, and establishing our values, morals, and beliefs in our children.  We desire for our children to love learning as much as we do, and believe that children can learn more in a one on one, loving and caring educational atmosphere.  
If you would like to know much more about homeschooling, then please wander through my links.   
Would you like to help your children to do better in school?  Use my links to find resources for them.  Want a safe site for you kids to do research, get homework help, learn new things, or play games?  Send them to my kids page. 

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